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Showing 8 poems of 8 results.
Always by Leann5th October 2005
A poem for your favourite person, to let them know you care

Epiphany by ercman27th May 2002
ercman didn't enter a foreword.

So Hard To Believe by Scarfie_Gremlin10th June 2002
Scarfie_Gremlin didn't enter a foreword.

jaundiced by nismo_sss2nd July 2006
i wish i could find my friends again

fading by nismo_sss3rd July 2006
i'm starting to fall

Fishies by fabee_babee6th July 2006
About my lil friends

your the bestest by nismo_sss5th August 2006
i guess this is strong but i mean it......

Why Does She? by The_Son_of_Man22nd November 2007
The_Son_of_Man didn't enter a foreword.

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