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One Moment by Takara3rd November 2005
Written as I waited for him to come to me... he never came. I begin to doubt he ever will but I have to believe. We shared so much, I know him, I know our love. So I wait for him, always.

If only you knew by fabee_babee26th June 2002
fabee_babee didn't enter a foreword.

Roles Reversed by Takara9th May 2006
4 years I waited for him to need me as I needed him. I finally find my own life, and now he says he'll do anything to be with me. Too little, too late. I finally moved on. I think.

Goodbye by Takara7th September 2006
Finally I found my strength and made my choice. I'll no longer spend my hours worrying about him. No longer let him hurt me.

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