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Blue Sky by fabee_babee24th June 2002
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True Love As We Don#39;t Know It by tony7th July 2002
God created us in his image, but he also gave us free will. The freedom to do whatever we choose with our lives. And those choices are therefore His will as well. Still, He does not care about what we do. No, He does not. He only cares about the outcome of our actions. There is only Love or Fear. They say "tis the thought that counts." But I am now beginning to believe this is not entirely correct. It is not the first thought, but the thought *behind* the first thought which truly matters. For this is what is based in either Love or Fear. It is in this Ultimate thought that our True Faith is tested. Doubt, bred from Fear, will always lead to the reality that you are trapped. So be it our nature to love, then destroy, then love again that which we value most. Because we constantly flip flop between underlying Love and underlying Fear. God is not based on Fear. This is why, I will no longer *request* things through prayer. I now realize that this was an attempt to manipulate God and the Universe. That is why my prayers always manifested in what I *didn't* have. Because the Faith behind the prayers was Doubtful, based on my fear that God wouldn't grant my wish. For this reason, my prayers will now be to solely give thanks for that which I already know will come to me in the future. Our parents taught us over and over that Love is conditional. We fear God's banishment because we know the banishment from our parents. But if we are to experience true salvation and spiritual ecstasy, this fear-based Love must change. Unconditional Love must be the utmost Trusted. For that is what God gives us all. But due to so many years of confusion, most of us cannot receive His Love. Deep down, we realize that our fear-based, conditional, "give and take" love isn't True. So why do we not all Live with this True Love then? Because we learned the hard way and now say "We'll be damned if we leave ourselves vulnerable to such pain again." But the Truth is, we'll be damned if we don't.

True Love As We Don#39;t Know It (Continued) by tony7th July 2002
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