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Written by Takara
Finally I found my strength and made my choice. I'll no longer spend my hours worrying about him. No longer let him hurt me.

I don't want to see this
I don't want to know
I don't want to talk to you
When my words can only be "No"

I can't know of your sadness
When I can't hold your hand
I can't watch you fall again
If I can't help you stand

I don't want to push you away
But there's a struggle here inside
Do I let you keep believing
Whilst my true feelings I must hide?

I see you lost as I once was
I wish I could guide you through this land
But I must be true to myself now
I can't keep holding your hand

You must face your demons as I did
You must find your own strength to live
You must manage now without me
There is no more I can give