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It#39;s not the end of the world

Written by Leann
If your feeling low, something better always turns up!

That one day you awake, you world has caved right in.
You come to the conclusion that life just aint worth living.
You've just found out your pregnant but your scared and all alone
No-one stops to ask how your feeling all they do is moan.

Then that one day you awake, and feel that baby move.
Its the greatest gift you can receive, the greatest gift of Love.
Suddenly you realise that your life is just beginning.
You make your little bubble that no-one is going to burst.
People can pass judgement but now your baby must come first.

That one day you awake, see your baby sleeping there.
You forget your doubts and fears.
Your tears are now through joy and not through pain.
Being fifteen and pregnant isnt quite so bad after all.
Holding your baby for the first time, is the greatest gift of all.