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One Moment

Written by Takara
Written as I waited for him to come to me... he never came. I begin to doubt he ever will but I have to believe. We shared so much, I know him, I know our love. So I wait for him, always.

In one moment you make me a Princess
So special and so loved
In the next one you discard me
Worthless and unloved

I cry for you
I bleed for you
And in our twisted world you love it
Yet still I cry for you
Still I bleed for you
And yet your hand did not cause it

In one moment you make the world beautiful
A brightness gleams from all around
In the next I'm surrounded by darkness
Your light cannot be found

I wait for you
I long for you
For years as your secret affair
Yet still I wait for you
Still I long for you
But you are no longer there

In one moment my life could be perfect
The moment you appear at my door
But in one moment I fear you'll destroy me
When you don't need me no more

16th October 2005 - 21:15pm