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Lust and Love

Written by Raj
The poem Little girl reminded me a polish word: "Tsurejka". I ignore its actual spelling, but it means: little girl or my little girl. An affective word that can be used by an elder, to call his daughter, grand daughter That same word, brought my lost first love to my mind.

Dont cry Tsurejka, and come closer.
Ill show you things you dont know yet.
Your mothers right, but shes still too severe.
Life is tricky, and so your destiny is:

Come closer little Tsurejka.
I see pain in your smile, as I feel your fear in my touch.
See the trees are borne again, as spring has come soon for you.
Clouds will leave you alone,
With a heavy load on your shoulders,
And such a dark vied in your memories.

Age has worked on me.
My body repulses, and your eyes wont see it.
Your vanilla sent,
Covered my smell, and revived my youth.

Cheers Tsurejka! your smile has gone.
And your glass isnt empty yet.
I bring you happiness in oblivion.

Fall Tsurejka!
Ive waited for this moment for a long time.
I watched your steps expecting this crop from my own tree.
The heat of summer brought me your dry and terrified fruit.
Weve never been so close, our blood belonging to each other.
The full moon, led me to this deathly ceremonial.
Now, your childhood is no more.