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Lost Sea..

Written by IainM
I just wrote this, captivates pretty much how I feel right now..

A sea of lost tranqulility
A body of nothing but caverns and walls
No substance between, deceased yet unclean
My world is empty as I see it pass me by

I look and see shadows of past tense are arranged
The future I seek, all means but no end
Nothing I can do, doomed to be alone
Expected as such, in my singular tome

My world inside is full of bold and pride
Tenacity is a virtue I abide
But once my intransegent nature shines through
There is no point in saying between me, and between you

Existence of nothing, lacklustred, ungained
Unsightly, aghast outpour of this pain
Abhor is a decadence I afford to myself
Condemned by so many, condemned by myself..