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Written by The_Son_of_Man
About longing for that second chance which seems impossible.

I can't help thinking of you,
In each and every day.
I can't help thinking where we would be,
If you were just to stay.--

I can't help regretting things,,
No matter how I try.
I can't help missing your love,
And when I do I cry.--

I can't help my mind wandering,
When I sit and reminisce.
I can't help these tears from falling,
With just a memory of your kiss.--

I can't help with this frowning,
Why the fuck should I smile?
I can't help this want to hold you,
If only for a while.--

I can't help losing hope,
You told me we're "forever."
I can't help feeling sorrow,
Because now we will be "never."--

I can't help this empty feeling,
For my heart you can fulfil.
I can't help it that I need you,
Because the fact I love you still.--