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The computer likes me, not you.

Written by Binar
Although we are all guilty at some point of the sins in this peom, i was thinkng ltely about my time at college and though i would wrie about my pet hate, that is people with no respect for computers degrading them infront of me.

The computer hums in the background,
I sit at its neighbour and tap gently.
In you come with you load remarks,
You annoy me quite greatly.

You say shes slow and she cant open flash,
She wont let you in, your password is wrong,
The stupid computer,
Im typing it right!

I hear these calls and my soul aches,
To beat you with a keyboard I want.
Of course the computer is wrong my friend,
Its always the computer thats wrong.

It lets you in and the mouse skitters,
The slam it up and down.
If your child would walk funny one day,
And not in a straight line,
Would you beat it?
That is the question I ask you,
While you sit with you copy of heat.

I despise you,
You are all that is wrong with today.
The fear and discrimination.
A computer is slow so its worthless.
Your like a Nazi..
That Jew is old, cant work, gas them

You log off and leave,
My heart aches to touch your mouse.
If only to sooth, before the next attack,
Of youth and ignorance.