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New Year

Written by IainM
Sums up how I'm feeling right now..

I asked with diligence for a single encounter
I asked with pompous readiness, knowing the answer
This answer you gave has shot me straight down
So I smile this beaten, downtrodden smile
And edge into another days sorrow and another years frown

The time wed have had would have been sweet and divine
But could have beens wont help, it was my turn to shine
Im lost inside, the time it just passes
Not healing at all, abrasive and trapping
No life-force restored only character broken and shattered and bent

Faith shattered by surprises and fraudulent masses
Amazed by the two faced irregular partisans of existence fleeting
You feel your heart beat faster, and then its taken away
By potential allies who are lost in the inevitable foray
And all I see is black, cold, a never ending void of self loathing

So I march on with my affront to the world
A new year beckons with opportunities arising
The same things will happen, another let down and another birthday
Another chance to see success will slip through my fingers
And Ill have even less to say than I ever have before..