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The Unnamed Ex

Written by fabee_babee
You hate the way I look.
You hate the way I am,
It's amazing - you used to love me,
You are only a man.

A man!!! My god I'm sorry,
Your just a little boy,
In body and in mind,
And I was just your toy.

You said you loved me,
I guess the novelty ceased,
As your love for me lessened,
But your hate seemed to increase.

It was your choice to make it harder,
It was your choice to make it h.e.l.l,
To go spread childish rumours
At school before the bell.

It would be an idea,
To stop playing these games,
I really can't see
what it will attain.

Your only making your image
as sad and sorry as you make mine,
And the fact the truth will surface
soon enough in time.