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Written by ercman
I remember, not so long ago
A lifetime though it seems
I explored whatever passion
And adventure life could bring

My restless heart went place to place
In search of any clue
An answer, some epiphany
Of purpose to pursue

But on the day I saw your face
My heart refused to move
For when you smiled, I found that my
Epiphany was you

You said I was the pleasant kind
You liked your time with me
I asked to know your heart
But it was always wait and see

With passing time I learned what kind
Of man you most adored
And so I worked with diligence
To be all that and more

You longed for more stability
A rock that never moved
A calm within the storm of life
And strength to see it through

So patiently I labored on
To realize my dream
Of making large the little room
Your heart had made for me

Then one day I couldnt stop
It all came spilling out
I said it with a diamond ring
So there could be no doubt

Tomorrow came, and then it passed
You needed time to think
And when again I saw your face
My heart began to sink

You said I was a special man
With qualities youll miss
Pleasant just to be around
And not so bad to kiss

But you found my stability
So dull it made you snore
Your passions left you restless
For adventures to explore

Standing there before you was
A man you did not know
The kind of man you wanted
Until not so long ago

For love, his past and passions
Faded far into the night
While yours were just discovering
Their path into the light

So go now, while adventure calls
See what tomorrow brings
Let your passions point the way
And your heart roam wild and free

But if, perchance, recalled romance
Brings your epiphany
Recall to mind these words of mine-
My dear, dont call on me!