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My Love

Written by Takara
Seeing you there before me
I lose myself in your eyes
Growing desire to be near you
Hating the time we're apart
Take me

Trembling at the intimacy
Our fingers sweetly entwined
Under the silver of moonlight
Carressing the curves of your mind
Hear me

Let your mind embrace my whole
Imagine the closeness we can share
Sensuality beyond mere sense
Taking you in every way that I can
Ears, eyes, skin. All knowing
Nothing but you

Touch me with your mind, my love
A sharing of two souls
Sexual desires fulfilled as one
Taking chances with our lives

Sharing everything as friends forever
Melting into your arms
Enveloped in the knowledge of you
Lingering sense of our nearness
Let me be yours

Imagination running freely
Lost in the pictures of my mind
Orange skies behind purple mountains
Varying shades of green on the ground
Everything feels so peaceful here
Yellowing ball falls slowly down
Over the stream a bridge extends
Underneath we sit as one