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Written by ercman
I wonder the wonder of darkness and light
Of shadows by day, and stars in the night
Of mirrors, and colors, and things black and white
Of things I can see when there's nothing in sight

I wonder the wonder of voices and song
Of orchestras playing, and striking a gong
Of radios speaking to dark, empty rooms
Of raindrops, and laughter, and things that go boom

I wonder the wonder of blooms in the breeze
Of women with perfumes that don't make me sneeze
Of wood smoke, ammonia, and freshly baked bread
Of flatulent salesmen alone in their beds

I wonder the wonder of turkey on rye
Roast beef on a bun, au jus on the side
Of peppers and pizza, and burgers and fries
Of popcorn and butter, and strawberry pies

I wonder the wonder of tables and toes
Of hammers and thumbs, and bumps on the nose
Of bare feet on gravel, of heat and of cold
Of satin and lace, and of touches untold

I wonder these wonders, all marvelous things
Amazed by the pleasure and pain they can bring
But the wonder that makes all the others seem small
Is the wonder I'm able to wonder at all