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Written by fabee_babee
My eyes sit unfocused,
Staring into nothing that is there,
I daze off into the unknown,
Is it here or is it there?

You call my name so frequently,
I do not heed your call,
Am I awakened to this world,
Are we here at all?

The simple sounds of living,
Is it really a life we live?
Are we just programmed to perform,
Do we always hate and not forgive?

The same routines everyday,
we cannot see we what we become,
We say life ends so quickly,
But has life ever really begun?

What is the value of living?
We live our lives day to day,
The same old routine back and forth,
What is the message we convey?

Our children stumble blindly
into adulthood,
We never saw them grow up,
We never understood

The Value of the life we brought
To the world so many years ago,
We never got nurture the young,
Like we were shown to do.

Our children grow up like us,
The routine and cycle never ends,
We all become part of lifes program,
But lifes hidden secrets to us never send.

We live a manufactured life,
No morals, No freedom, No choice,
What is there to actually live?
What is there to rejoice?

We turn back to our computers,
We raise our children with T.V,
I shall conform to become you,
You shall choose to become me.