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Written by Evil Angel
Some things are better left unsaid,
when you know it will only
end up misread.

I have to fight the urge,
to pick up the phone.
I want to make things right
So you dont feel alone.

But what could I say right now
to change how you feel?
If only I could make you understand

Would it make a difference
If I told you that I cared
Would that make sense
or would you just get scared

What would it change?
Could I make things right,
If I admitted to you,
That I jones for you at night

I try to be strong
and put my emotions aside
but you asked how I felt
and I wont lie.

I never meant
for you to feel used.
If that was the message I sent
then, I guess, I lose.

Please, continue
to be my friend....
No matter how things
turn out in the end....

Some words....
Some feeling....
Are just better left unsaid.