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West Banked

Written by Citadel
One walked the streets with diamond eyes
One walked them with a gun
One Jewish sky, one timeless lie
One Palestinian
The soldier watched the crowds and prayed
The bomber did the same
Unto their God, their fear displayed
Whilst honouring his name.

Both teenage children hewn of stone
Crafted by hates impasse
Preached to that God loves them alone
By witches of Black Mass
The soldier shaved three years ago
His target barely four
Yet both are sons of poor widows
Their future born of war

Death to Christian, death to Jew
Death to me and death to you
For Allahs counting every life
Soldier or some Jewish wife
They mean the same to Him, they say
For God is hate and hates today
He thinks only of his Jihad
And those who die as his comrade

The soldier, fresh from occupation
From brutalising for his nation
Is no purer than is his prey
They both are chained to yesterday
Death to Arab who kills the Jew
Death is part of what we do
Defending Gods own sacred land
Against the Arabs jealous hand.

He moved with reflex born of fear
As from the crowd the bomb appeared
Its arms spread wide, its life allied
With all his peoples unheard cries
The soldier ran, his rifle screaming
And shot the bomb with acid meaning
Until it fell into the flames
That scorched the Earth, and spent their names.