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I Still Miss You

Written by The_Son_of_Man
A poem reaching out to your lost love

I still miss you and I know I shouldn't.
But so much time has passed,
And I think of you every day.
My first thought in the morning,
Is wondering where you're waking up.
And my last thought at night is
Wondering who you're sleeping with.

Although I know you hate me,
Whilst hate is a very strong word,
I can't say I hate you back.
You can't stop loving somebody overnight,
Whilst it seems thats what you did,
Maybe you never loved me to begin with.

I can't hide what I feel as easily as you,
I can't deny my feelings like you can.
You could have told me, helped me
Understand why fell out of love with me,
But instead you chose the easy way and
Cut me out of your life completely.
After years apart, you still caused me hell.
But somehow I still wish you heaven.