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Written by Scarfie_Gremlin

Your perfect image,
Now erased from my mind.
Just like that, in an instant.
Tears falling, heart broken.

Knowing all that you do,
How could you go and be so cruel.

Barriers that took what felt an eternity to shed,
Now back up quicker and larger than ever before,
No more truely trusting or giving my heart to another that easily,
Not worth the risk or heartache that follows when all goes sour.

My instincts told me you were perfect
They've never been this wrong before.

I thought that you loved me.
I thought that you cared.
I guess I was wrong.
I wonder though, how was I that wrong.


Well hmmmmmmmmmm ... I had my date last night, and yes ... hahaha. Well I think that all deserve a second chance, so I will be giving him at least one more. Overall it was a great night, even when he got pulled up by the Police and issued a ticket. The only really bad point I think was that he took me to see one of his friend's who well yes seems to illegal drugs (and well he knows how I feel about them! This poem was partly inspired by last night's events but also from this WOW very bizzare movie I watched.