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Written by Scarfie_Gremlin

I'm dreaming again,
Away with the fairies,
In my own perfect little dream world,
Just thinking of you.

You're one in a million.
Don't you forget it.
You're unique.
You are you.
No-one can change that fact
Not even you.
So don't try to change.

Your smile,
Radiates happiness and warmth,
Much like the brightly glowing sun shining above.

Your eyes,
Sparkle like the night sky,
Filled with dancing stars.

Your lips,
Speak volumes,
And your tones say it all.

Your wisdom,,
Is a wealth of knowledge
I'll never be bored from.

Now that I've found you,
Please don't let me go.

I'll stay with you,
For better and for worse.
You need not worry.
I'm not like the others.