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I am me

Written by fabee_babee
I am told my purpose here may be unknown to me,
but god knows why I am here, and I am here for a reason.

I need a hint,
because I am lost in the sea of mental torment.

The waves of depression are crashing down upon me, and I cannot breathe through my fingers, which are the only part of me above the surface ...

I suffocate,
I drown,
In the torrent of tears and sorrow.

I scream, but noone can hear me over the roar of sea of permanant worldly problems.

I know I am not alone in my troubles, but I cannot see anyone else who suffers, I cna only focus on myself, as it's myself I feel who drowns here.

I give up the fight against the struggle of the tide,
I flow with it,
I float,
I slowly rise to the surface,
and the storm becomes nothing more than breeze on the sea, and a rainbow in the sky.

The more I dwell, I came to sank,
The more I accepted, the more I adapted.

Today I am reborn,

Today I can live,

Why the change?!

Because I made the choice.

Because I am strong,

I am, me.