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So Hard To Believe

Written by Scarfie_Gremlin
I've come so far in my life. I'm proud.
Just look at all the footprints marked out in time
forever more.
I've still got so far to go. So hard to believe.
Just look out into the distant horizon.
That's the road of my fate and destiny.

I know that lately I have been distant.
A million miles away,
My mind working over time, not a second spared.
So hard to believe,
How life can be ripped from you so soon.
No chance to say goodbye, to say what's on your mind.

If tomorrow never comes
If tonight is the last that we'll share in a while.
I hope I've made you happy.
I hope that you really care.
It's so hard to believe
How you can cause me so much joy.
Oh how I love you so
Friend ... Companion ... Lover ... Forever.