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Written by fabee_babee
You said that you loved me,
You wrote me a poem about our love,
You said I was your angel,
Sent from up above.

You said you could never stop loving me,
What we had was so right,
It's amazing how your perspective changed,
All in just one night.

I came home from the party,
I told you how it was,
You could'nt appreciate my honesty,
Nothing is ever enough.

You judged me by one action,
Your judgement wasn't fair,
Was it your love had ceased?
Or that you didn't care?

You threw away something so special,
Over something so minor and small,
You wouldn't even discuss it,
Nor return my phone calls.

When you were ready to talk,
I was expected to drop everything,
To hear you explain yourself,
To hear the judment bell ring.

Why can't you see it from my view,
Why must you be so small minded?
Why can't you forgive me for my one mistake,
Why must you be so blinded...

By things so trivial,
By things so fun,
You have never lived life,
All you do is run...

Run from reality,
Run from the pain,

And this is why,
We'll never be again.

Until you can grow and become a man,
This puppet will become real and take a stand...
No longer am I attached to you with strings,
I shall cut them and be born...

And live for better things.