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Satan#39;s song

Written by Citadel
Though the reason youre the cure, in search of the disease
Is beyond your comprehension, youre just happy that you please
All the faces that surround you, mocking every waking dream
In the silence they astound you, for they cannot hear you scream
Yet they know that deep inside you, theres an angel without form
Fuelled by their senseless evil, in the flames it is reborn
Its the fusion that aligns,
Its the meter without rhyme,
As you live between the lines

Your shadow falters, though you hear it in the wind
Crying to its captive leader, to forgive it that it sinned
It is your every mortal failure, it is every mist you fled
Yet its history repenting, shouting that it was misled
Inside your conscience mourns its passing, makes you walk into the sun
For the shadow needs your glory, if the two are to be one
Its the paradox that binds,
Its the reason youre defined,
As you walk amongst your kind

Go into the streets that scare you, theyre beneath your own contempt
Smell the innocence that bore you, that you thought was Heaven-scent
Burn to ashes in the doorways, incense for unceasing eyes
Let you inner-sense define you, though you pray to shuttered skies
For tomorrow is a sentence that is stuttered and is served
By the simpleton that treasured what their own innocence spurned
Its the prison of your mind,
Its the reason you are mine,
As you sell your soul to time