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Stay go

Written by IainM
stay go whats the point
if i walk no matter
if i stay i hurt
im doomed to fail
ive failed ineptly
downtrodden cold and eternally empty
feeling of burning anger
at myself are directed
flushed with anger
ones self conjected
moment of anguish
hours of pain
and im doomed and destined to go back again
why dont i walk away
its too much to handle
its too much to bear
i should walk away
this new year
new lifes land and opportunities
two years go but not forgotten
college has left me embittered drowned and overly sodden
i have to walk away

to me im having a new year and a new start for myself, if i dont do this bit of IT and come off bad i'm officially walking out on 2 and a half years college work and leaving for good. ive had it.

this poem sprung from that, i hope you like it.