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Written by Mars
Let us dissect,
Where are the people,
Where is the humanity,
Why don't they stand up,
Why are they laying on the ground.
We need to end,
We need to stop,
It's for the people,
It is for humanity,
Finish the job Mr. President!
Bring them home,
Bring back out people,
Put families back together,
End the hate,
End it now,
Stop it!!
We need to fix it,
We need to bring peace,
We need to communicate,
We need to stop the death!
Why can't we understand,
Why can't we get together,
Stop the suffering,
There is only one race,
There is only one humanity,
There is only one people,
We must live together,
We must fix the problem,
We must get together,
We must put the people in front of profit,
We must cure the disease,
We must steer this ship in the right direction,
We must end the suffering!
We must take control,
We must help us all.

We must love each other,
To be as one.