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James (Revisited)

Written by The_Son_of_Man
Oh beloved James, who passed away that day,
The memories that we shared of you, will never fade away.
Your friends and family love you, doubt do not my friend.
Suffering is over, and to heaven, you shall descend.
Do not be scared,
The light is near,
The angels are your friend.

Please remember James, as I am trying to explain.
Never be forgotten you will not, our memories remain.
You inspired our life so young, in many different parts.
The James we knew will live with us, deep inside our hearts.

One last goodbye we say, as you rest in heaven with Jesus.
We ask the lord for answers, why did you have to hurt us?
"Only the good die young, he says and you were special too,
Just treasure the time that have; for its unclear when it's you."

We start to; now accept this fact that you are just asleep.
The circle of life has consumed again, as your loved ones begin to weep.

James you were always happy, never once was blue.
You are now in heaven now; there is nothing we can do.