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A need for friendship

Written by Takara
I can't help but wonder
How are you doing now?
Is your life going well?
Or are you under the clouds?

You left in such a hurry
Leaving only silence behind
Your soul gone from my life
Though never from my mind

You told me not to contact you
That my words would hurt too much
But you're a friend of mine
And I can't help but keep in touch

Need to know that you're okay
That your life is not in shreds
Need to know that you're alive
That on this earth you tread

You sounded so down when you left
Yet won't allow me to spread cheer
You sound so in need of friendship
Yet you won't let me near

I cannot wait any longer
A year of silence is enough
Let me past those barriers
Stop trying to be so tough

All I want to do is talk to you
Just want to know that you're okay
We don't have to discuss the issues
Just tell me about your day

I know that you're still hurting
But know that I am too
Our friendship is important
So know that I am here for you

28th January 2003 - 23:15pm