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Confusion overrules (to do with love)

Written by Scarfie_Gremlin

As you will be able to see, this below poem is to do with love. Currently this is not something that I am going through. This was meant to actually have taken on a different HAPPIER dimension to what it has!!! Hahaha, I am so full of surprises .

You are all that I keep on thinking about
As I lay sleeping, your in my dreams
When I awake at dawn, you are in my thoughts
Until dusk and beyond.
No where can I escape these thoughts of you
Never knew of a love so strong
Before you came along

Now I can't begin to imagine my life any other way
You are my special one, the only one
My number one companion
I believe in the good in everyone
No exceptions
Especially in you

Confusion overrules

Won't let you leave without a fight
After all the committment and sacrifice
We have both made to each other
To try and make an "us" work

The blood, the sweat and the tears
Are you trying to tell me it's all been for nothing?
That this love is just our imaginations working in overdrive?
That it's all been for nothing?

Why? I fail to understand

Life is like a rollercoaster
Full of ups and downs
We just have to be patient
Ride out this latest storm

Already I find myself missing you in my life
Your electrifying smile, that lights up any room
Your amazing laugh
And your strong masculine voice
Your soft touch
Your special smell
Am missing it all

What went wrong between us?
Life doesn't seem real
Like I'm standing still while everyone rushes on past

You are so far out of my grasp
Where have you gone?
Are you truely sure this is what you want?
Let it be said now that
This broken heart won't take you back further down the track
If you should change your mind.
It won't cope.