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Lost friend

Written by Takara
Once upon a time we were friends
You told me everything
You shared your thoughts, your dreams
How did that end?

Why won't you talk to me now?
I still want to know
I still worry, still care
Doesn't it show?

I know that you love him now not me
I try to understand
I try to be here for you, a friend
I wonder if you even see me

I feel like I've lost you
My one and only true friend has gone
Swept up in his arms
Forgotten me

I just want to talk to you
I miss you

You flinch away from me
I miss you

I wonder if you notice me
I miss you

I wonder if you even care

4th April 2004 - 9:00pm

First poem in a long time. My thoughts seem too muddled to make any sense of them any more, even in poetic form. I live with this girl and her boyfriend, she's been my best friend for over 7 years, and yet, for the last year, I don't think I've had any clue what's actually going on in her life. I can't force her to talk to me, but I love her, and I miss her.