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School Ground

Written by fabee_babee
Warmth, shining down through
the cooled atmosphere,
The air crisp, fresh and clean.
The constant gurgle of distant
children, calling
like a fresh running brook.

Bell rings, echoing out upon youthful
scattering of groups, quick goodbyes,
as we stumble off to learning rooms.

Quiet, silence lingers over the field,
diserted~ once so full now
emptied of laughter, screams and
voices of youth.

Stomachs grumble, alarm time for
lining up at the canteen.
Sit back in the warm rays of light,
such a simple enjoyment compared to
shadey rooms, dull and cold.

Cooped up in a prison of wisdom,
Freedom in the sun, an open sky
to fall into.
To escape.
Until the next prison bell rings
reminding us why we are here.