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Price you pay

Written by IainM
random flash of poetic creativity..

my imagination is where i'm free
i'm free to be who i want to be
it's reality that holds me back
that holds me, atones me to the shackles of this world

the price you pay for being alive
is much more vile than you contrive
your taught hate, intolerance and violence
against your peers who are different

this price you pay is balanced out
by imagination and a creative lack of doubt
those who lack are hateful people
those who live without prejudice are wonderful people
those who lack will destroy others
those who live embrace and care
the path i lead is hated and revered
yet i stand strong, yet i fight those tears
reality is i'm not that strong, assertive no.. stand out all wrong
but i am me, it's all i can
i live my life the best i can, i'm the best person i can be
so what if bigots.. so what if they hate me
i'll continue being myself throughout
i'll bite my tongue, i'll stick it out
i'll stand my ground, won't walk away
an emotional man is who i am
i cry easily and retract fom man, i am
a weakened man with little faith in man
but people out there really care
unlike those bigots, unlike those priests and unlike those nazis
and right wing freaks
i said it once i'll say it again
i'm here to stay.. and don't you forget it..

a bit long i know.. but random inspirations, i dunno how it looks, but this is how i feel thanks for the chance to put my actual feelings into a poem