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Untitled (may offend)

Written by thedunedan
What's it like to be gone?
No one I can ask, they're not here,
No one left, to comfort me when i need,
What did I do to get treatet like this?

Disbelieve in someone that doesn't exist
A Power sick person who whants nothing more then pain,
In the world he created,A thousand Life's gone in veign.
All of life is shit, but the few good moments is what people live for.

Only because I chose not to do so, to stand up against this tirant
I get this, and then I find out, you don't even exist.
All along I knew it in my Soul.
Still I chose to suffer your toll.

If you're not there then who is?
Who did this to me, to everyone alive.
Who is so sick to act like this and not show his face?
God is a discrace.

Even if he is there, He is a coward,
Because with me begins what he feared most
His own creations go against there host.
One day all will be free from him.