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Written by fabee_babee
The shattered pieces of my heart
smash loudly to the floor,
To be broken now
and forever more.

Your hurtful words have cut me
like a cold blade,
You left me in the cold,
shunned from your light into shade.

I sit, my head cast down,
Like our love was to h.e.l.l.
You stand all dignified
like I did before I fell.

Into despair, Into depression,
Out of your arms, I learnt my lesson.
You walked away without a care,
You walked right on out of here.

Out of my life, Out of my heart,
Tearing both destructively apart.
You didnt care, you moved on,
I'm left here saddened - on my own.

You just walked away without
looking back,
I was another bedgirl, loser,

Never again, I've learnt,
Once bitten, Twice burnt.