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Killer Kind

Written by fabee_babee
Don't talk to me about this s**t,
I just don't want to know,
These darkened clouds grow darker,
There is no silver glow.

I cannot find a happy thought,
There is no smile to find,
There is no trace of happiness,
Flowing in my mind.

I pick up this stick of nicotine,
I darw on it to preserve life,
I know it won't do it at all,
I mose well suck a knife.

I'm sick and tired of living this lie,
I'm sick of just plain ol' livin,
I'm sick of noone heeding my cry,
When pain is all I'm givin.

Don't tell me this is the way it is,
Theres not a thing I can do,
Cause you could just f**king shut your mouth,
Before I f**king kill you.