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Unexplained unhappiness

Written by Shan
When people you love approach you,
Open your ears and hear,
For I'm not trying to make you blue,
Your unexplained hate is so strong,

Riding your happiness on one aspect,
Not caring till it tumbles down,
I know I don't feel I deserver any respect,
So fast you'd explain,

Nice and Consideration I am not,
Seriously do you believe this?
Oh how easily you forgot,
Long nights filled with tears,

I was there when you were in despair,
I wasn't there for me,
I was there to help you repair,
For a friend is what I am,

A distance concept so it seems,
For an argument always springs,
Leading to horrid dreams,
Well I have better things,

Giving up will be a first,
A foreign thing,
But my heart done burst,
Words so strong you blew threw it,

This #### Disc is on Repeat,
So don't call when he leaves you,
You choose to be alone this heat,
Empty and Alone.

<Sorry this is so hard to Read, Some Rage, and Hurt made it hard to write but this is what came out>