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Written by fabee_babee
Life is hard, Life is not beautiful, not when it is
accompanied by death, Death follows up everything.
Cause nothing lasts forever.
Have you known anything to last forever?
Do you see my point? I guess you don't,
I guess you can't,
I guess you won't, never will,
Oh god, you've proven me wrong,
Your confusion about me will last forver.

Noone can understand me,
I can't understand anything anyway,
Don't go worrying over my self esteem,
I never had any to lose,
Don't go trying to defend me,
Truth hurts, So i tell it and embrace the pain.
Turn away from me, tell me I have to help myself,
I don't want no help, I don't need you.
Nothing lasts forver but confusion,
why bother pretending -
My false forever is already fading...
Have a nice life,
I'll enjoy my death.