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Written by IainM
A disenchanted symphony
A stone faced idle cry
A simple retort of fallible grace..
And an excuse for your own devout ignorance

Youve screamed and whispered at me
Youve shouted and tiraded around me
Yet not one thing youve said and done
Has made a little difference

The same person stands before you know
As he did before you started
So drop your case and ease your mind..
For Thinking for it is a sin

Your reasoning pathetic
Your arguments are flawed
You like a bible only worse
At least a bible you could close and ignore
But you, you are like a Jehovahs witness
You keep coming back for more

Making me endure your life
Making me live with abuse
I wish for it to end eternal..
I wish for my self to awaken

Ive seen countless people come and go
Rattle my cage of self right
And all bar few have failed at this
But soon it will be none

Im stronger than Ive ever been
Im fighting for my right
Is my lifestyle that much cause..
Am I the one who lacks the right?

And think before you speak in future
How much your words can hurt
For told enough believe it yes
And the prejudiced has won..