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Precious One - We Are United

Written by Scarfie_Gremlin
This poem is dedicated for those 52 innocent people whose lives were brutally taken on Thursday 07 July 2005.

So one never does forget that they once did exist, they were as follows: James Adams (32); Lee Baisden (34); Phil Beer (22); Ania Brandt (43); Michael Stanley Brewster (52); Ciaran Cassidy (22); Rachelle Lieng Siong Chung For Yuen (27); Benedetta Ciaccia (30); Elizabeth Daplyn (26); Jonathan Downey (34); Richard Ellery (21); Anthony Fatayi-Williams (age unknown); David Foulkes (22); Arthur Edlin Frederick (60); Karolina Gluck (29); Jamie Gordon (30); Richard Gray (41); Gamze Gunoral (24); Lee Harris (30) and his partner Samantha Badham (36); Giles Hart (55); Marie Hartley (34); Miriam Hyman (31); Ojara Ikeagwu (55); Shahara A Islam (20); Neetu Jain (32); Emily Rose Jenkins (24); Adrian Johnson (37); Helen Jones (28); Susan Levy (53); Sam Ly (28 - from Australia); Shelley Mather (26 - from New Zealand); Mike Matsushita (37); James Mayes (28); Anne Moffat (48); Colin Morley (52); Behnaz Mozakka (48); Jennifer Nicholson (24); Mihaela Otto (46); Shyanuja Parathasangary (30); Anat Rosenberg (29); Philip Russell (28); Ateeque Sharifi (24); Ihab Slimane (24); Christian "Njoya" Small (28); Fiona Stevenson (29); Monika Suchocka (23); Carrie Taylor (24); Mala Trivedi (age unknown); Laura Webb (29); William Wise (age unknown) and Gladys Wundowa (50). May you all Rest In Peace :)

I also dedicate this poem to the family, friends and work colleagues of those who perished, to the survivours of this horrific attack, to the emergency service workers, to those who have a heart and care about the lives of those who live around us and also to the ordinary every day British citizens and those who choose to call Britain home.

This is also for 27 year old Jean Charles de Menezes of Gonzaga, Brazil who was wrongfully shot by British Police in there hunt for the failed 21 July 2005 would-be bombers - and his family and friends, and indeed Brazil as a whole! May he too now RIP!

Sadly in our day and age it would seem that one truely never does no when there number is up. We must always remember to tell those that we love that we do indeed love them as one day we might regret not saying this as they leave to go about there day.

Yesterday you were around
Fill of life and such promise
Today you are gone
Tomorrow you will still be gone.

Show me the light
Won't you give me a sign
That life is indeed worth carrying on
I need to know, need to know bad.

United in peace
United in grief
United we ought to stand.
Forever more!

Obliterated by cowards known as terrorists
Who hide by religion and try to out
Those who follow the same religion.
Yet there is one major difference - that is they mean us no harm, are not extremists or radicals.

You will be missed, in this life
and in the next by us all.
You will never be forgotten
Will always live on in our hearts.

Fifty-two new angels were made that fateful day
7 July 2005 - now etched in our memories forevermore.
Thankfully no new angels were made that day
21 July 2005 - just pure luck, but will they try to strike again we all wonder?

Life will never be the same
Without your smile, your laughter, your love,
Your encouragement and dedication.
But most of all, your humanity.

Your battle is over whilst ours has just begun again
Why we must fight tooth for tooth, eye for eye
is beyond me ... surely we can all live in harmony?
Or if not avoid each other? Not kill unnecessarily!

Rest In Peace ... I hope you will
Your journey of greatest I am sure has just begun
Tell me my angel, how is Heaven?
Just as nice as we imagined it would?

Today I lit a candle in my soul for you.
It will burn forever more.
For I will love you till the end of time.
Nothing and no-one can ever change that.