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Written by fabee_babee
Compared to the infinity that surrounds our being,
We live in a coop of lies and undeniable confusion,
With all the answers that await to be found,
We still live in denial, we will always be the superior beings.

The world we live in decays, nothing to be left,
Our welfare remains more important,
Than the surroundings, we wont be here for the future,
Why should we care for the world we cannot reap the benefits of.

Selfishness drives our existence,
Hate and disgust drives our lives,
No love can exist except for ourselves,
We Complete our death with a thousand knives.

We create a folly of ingorance,
We live inside ourselves,
A world exists within us,
We a deemed to a never ending h..e...l..l

These words hold no meaning,
Care for myself does not exist,
No care for anyone but ourselves,
So we kill the future....

And will not accept the blame.