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Union of despair

Written by fabee_babee
Her story is sad,
She cannot tell a soul,
Tell of nothing she had,
So it remains untold.

Her hands caress her head,
As she leans against her knees,
Why does she feel so dead ?
Why does she still breathe ?

Fading into the shadows of night,
She delves deeper into despair,
Alone in the shadows of her fright,
Her hope fades, she doesn't care.


His eyes cast down,
He dares no to look upon the world,
Twisted thorns create his crown,
This princes troubles unfurl.

Reputations to live up to,
Pressures become too much,
Forgetting the boy he once knew,
With his own identity he loses touch.

He falls from his pedastool,
His crown of thorns bleed,
Feeling in his own kingdom - a fool,
Noone can see his needs.

His robes of threaded gold,
He replaces with a nightly black,
At his young age feels so old,
His parents can take their expectations back.


Both forgotten souls left,
to sit and ponder why,
with confusing thoughts bereft,
Why noone comes when they cry.