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Written by IainM
Friendship born and friendship raised
I trusted you with my life
The secrets I told you
Youíve guarded with yours

Yet this barrier has emerged
A void between ourselves
I donít know how it came about
Or what I can do to break it?

I want to talk but I keep saying no
Come to me she will I say
But she doesnít, it makes me wonder
Does she feel the same way?

This barrier needs breaking
It hurts more than Iíd care to admit
It consumes me, surrounds me
It has eaten me alive

This barrier needs breaking
Yet all I do is run and hide
Iím a coward, a liar a no good cheat
Itís no wonder she doesnít

Iíve nothing left to offer her
Sheís realised Iím nothing
And soon all but one will follow suit
And back to square one again

I want to mend my bridges
But Iím too afraid to make the first move
Iím scared Iíll screw it up further
So I just hide, and hide, and hide behind a happy fascade

They shouldnít have broken down
Why did I let them?
I should be talking but Iím not
Why am I writing this?

Why canít I be a man for once? and do something without being a coward and backing out, things only get worse because of my lack of self-esteem and self confidence