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Just a friend

Written by Shan
I have wrote these next 2 poems from 2 different perceptives... One Looking at the glass half full thee other Half Empty...

<Half Full>

Your love for me is as a friend,
Love that you cannot extend,
Greatful for the love we share,
A friendship that can't be compared,

I do believe there is much more,
Bt a friendship is what I adore,
So I accept this emptiness,
Smile, fake happiness.

<Half Empty>

This living #### I put myself in,
Taughting, teasing my inner being,
Seeing, feeling a perfect dream,
Awaking back to my tortured reality,

Your so blind not to see,
How perfect we would be,
But I am just a friend,
Nothing more in the end,

Long ago there was a time,
A time you wanted to be mine,
Now that I am wanting more,
You close your heart, ignore,

It's ok I will survive,
Even if it feels I've died,
At some point my heart will mend,
Why can't I be more then a friend?