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Glowing light. In memory of Chapman and Wells

Written by Scarfie_Gremlin
Well I was watching the late night news here last night, and I was doing some homework hehehe , when of course the coverage started about the bodies having been formerly identified by the parents (poor people), and well this just flowed out of my hand, and ruined my homework, but oh well.  So, I thought I would post it up on here.  

Let me know what you think if you like ... or not!


A light is now lit
a new place now set
for yet another
of little life's angels,
robbed of a chance of life.

When will the pain,
the misery,
the suffering end.

When will it be time
for just a land of happy times
nothing more, nothing less.

A steady flow of tears is shed,
flowers laid,
words said
as a nation, indeed globe mours in disgust.
At yet another senseless killing.

A loss so great
As these two special little souls.
Who I am sure will be sadly missed by all.
Inseperable I am sure even in death.