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True Love As We Don#39;t Know It (Continued)

Written by tony
Pain results in a judgement we've made about something. And always, it is a Wrong Thought.

Until we accept that We Did This, we can never change it.

What do you mean, We Did This?

Collectively and individually, our consciousness are the creators. All that we experience, are just ways for us to show Who We Are through the choices and reactions we take.

When we believe that someone/thing else is "creating life around and for us" we give up the power to experience Who We Are.

Our experiences are put forth for our Evolvement.

Therefore, there is only one reason to ever do anything: As a statement to The Universe of Who We Are.

So if all things happen because of our own consciousness, and God cares not about that which we do but only the outcome of these actions, is there such a thing as sin?

Original Sin is only when your *first thought*, your Ultimate thought, is in error, based on previous experiences and judgements.

That which you judge, will one day Become.

Such is why God has no "right" nor "wrong", no "do" nor "do not". To imply such would be to believe He wishes to strip us of our greatest freedom in Life: the freedom to choose Who and What We Are.

We must create and experience the truth of Who We Are.

This is only made possible through Free Will.

Only with it, may we re-member in thought and finally know through experience Who We Are.

To "be good", do we need fear?

We must decide what good is to us, individually, for ultimately only we can decide for ourselves Who and What We Are.

To deny so, would be to deny God, and such would be a Soul trapped in its own ####.

If I do not go within, I go without.

Sadly, we cannot conceive the Perfect Love, or the Perfect Promise. But, by doing so means we are failing to believe in God.

True belief in God will create the Perfect Gift: Unconditional Love.

True belief in God will create the Greatest Promise: Unlimited Potential.

Knowing, Experience, & Being. These re-present the Triune that is God.

Allow each Soul to walk its own path.

Judgement is best used only when deciding what is "right" or "wrong" about our own choices.

Not those of others.

Masters said "God will do nothing for you, that you will not do for yourself."

It is in our decisions where out power to create lies. Just as to not decide is to decide, to not create is to create.

It is when you see in yourself that which caused the crime that you begin, at last, to heal the condition from which it sprang.

Life is a process of creation. But as long as we deny that, or don't understand and accept that, we will always see it as s struggle. A battle. A test. When clearly, life is not the test, but the means to experience. Through these experiences, we create Who and What We Are.

He had the power to walk away. But he didn't. He allowed himself to be crucified, so that he might stand as man's eternal salvation. He said God exists in us all, but understood that no one could believe such to be true. Therefore, he said, if you cannot believe in yourself, then believe in me.

Christ's greatest teaching was not that we *shall* have everlasting life. Rather, that we *already* do.

All that is required is to know this.

God The Father is All-Thought, and All-Thought is the parent which gives birth to All-Things.

Emotion is energy in motion.

The story of Adam and Eve has warped Man's mind. Because Eve was made to be "evil" or "wrong" and thus became Adam's "downfall." When, in actuality, the act of Adam and Eve - or First Man and First Woman - was not Original Sin. Rather, it was the First Blessing.

For in being the first to make a "wrong choice", Adam and Eve produced the possibility of making any choice at all.

Therefore, we should thank them.

Love is the Ultimate reality. The Only. The experience of God within us. Therefore, in his highest truth, Love is all there is. And all there ever needs to be. When all actions come from this love, heaven on earth you are experiencing.