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I want the uncomplicated life

Written by Scarfie_Gremlin
Why when my life seems so on track,
Just the way I like it so,
Uncomplicated, easy to understand,
You come passing through that little spot in my heart.
Steal all the love I have inside for someone special just for you.
Tell me how much you care for me.

Why should I believe you
Why should I trust you.
What makes you so different
from the ones before, the ones to come.
Do tell.
I want to know.

You keep telling me that our love is meant to be
That we shall last from now till forever and then a day.
So why do I feel as if I am never going to see you again.
I know it's not your fault.
You need to spread your wings, leave the nest.
Prove to yourself how wonderful you are.
So do I.

Maybe it's fate.
Maybe we are meant to be one day, just not now.