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Family first

Written by Scarfie_Gremlin

Never say never,
To not speaking again.
Family, you're blood.

If you don't stick by each other,
Through all of lives pleasures and upsets,
Who can you truely count on?

You can choose your friends,
And the one's you full in love with.
But family you can't.
Your hands are tied.
No matter how much you wish it weren't.

Think before you act,
Lash out against your own,
Tomorrow you might wake up and be full of regret.

Don't make the biggest mistake,
In your life too date.
Don't rush in, only fools do this.

Take your time and think it over.
I beg you.
Don't shut the door forever more,
Wash your hands of them without more thought.
Head your seperate ways.

You will regret.

My inspiration came I think partly from the movie I was watching at the time of writing this piece in the adverts, Fools Rush In , but also from someone I know who has turned his back on a member of his family to .