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Written by Scarfie_Gremlin

A moment in time,
Moments they come and they go,
So few and far between,
We should hold them dear to our heart,
For who knows when these moments will end.

We're so far from being invincible
To what life throws in our way
These hurdles, they are put there,
For reasons we may understand,
But more often that not this is not the case.

The greatest of tests in life
Can only be learnt by experiences
They can't be taught from text books
Or other such places
For you and I, we're different people.

You've taught me so much in this life
For that I am ever so grateful
Please believe, now understand,
It's time for me to spread open my wings
and fly on upwards and onwards, creating my own life.

Disappointments, they're rough, they're tough,
Love, hard to find your one true soulmate,
Friendship, one true friend is more than enough to get on by,
Peace, I hope! Wishful thinking is probably the reality though.
Moments they equal life.