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Written by fabee_babee
Standing here and you can't see
How I try to help both you and me.
You walk away off own your own,
Showing the stubborness you've grown.

You want the help that I present,
You want to know what I resent?
The fact you won't help yourself,
Leaving your problems for someone else.

You cannot see I feel like a rusty chain,
Every link stressing from the strain,
Of having to take care my life aswell as yours,
I am tired of facing the closed doors.

My hopes are like cobwebs floating restlessly,
Strong for small things but broken easily,
One quick wave and my hopes are gone,
Can't you see I can't do this alone.

Instead of running turn around,
and help me face this on solid ground,
Face your problems just take my hand,
Stop running and take a stand.